I import 3hr wav, but audacity only shows 40min, why?

I export a 3hr video from movavi, save as a 500mb wav, then import it to audacity or open new file, but audacity only shows 40min, why? So, then I tried saving the 3hr video as an mp3 1.93gb, then importing that to audacity, but audacity only shows the first 40min again. What am I missing?

MY GOAL is to take the 3hr video from movavi video studio into audacity to change the audio pitch, then take back to movavi and save as new video.

I’ve been trying to make this work for 3 weeks. I’m tired and looking for answers. I see a few other posts to relate to but they’re like 10 years old and still not helpful.

My comp is a:
Win10, 16gb ram, 60gb free ssd


What is the “Project Rate” when you export? (look in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window)

Are you exporting as a 16-bit WAV? (It will be if you are using “File menu > Export > Export as WAV”)

How many channels? (Mono or stereo)


The first try was a 44100, but then I was reading about audacity and its conflicts, so I exported as 48000. Both rates only show 40min instead of 3hr audio. Wav and mp3


As far as the bit rate, thats what I was looking for today. I’m not sure where to find that spec. I right clicked the file and went to properties, but nothing there except bit rate 320kbps for mp3 from movavi, and 1411 kbps bit rate for the wav file.

I saved this from movavi as stereo, not mono. I have not tried mono yet.

thx for the questions. I’m on the hunt for answers too (:

I export a 3hr video from movavi, save as a 500mb wav

That’s too small for your 4-hour WAV file. There is a 4GB limit to WAV files and if it’s bigger the file-size field in the WAV file header “rolls-over” and things will get messed-up. Sometimes you get a file bigger than 4GB, but the whole thing won’t open/play and sometimes you may not get the whole file.

500MB at 1411kbps is about 50 minutes.

At 48kHz, 16-bit stereo is 1536kbps and that’s closer to 500MB and 40 minutes.

If your video editor supports FLAC, try exporting as FLAC. FLAC is lossless compression so the file is smaller, but more importantly there is no “artificial” file size limit. Otherwise, you may have to use lossy compression (such as MP3).

48kHz is more-standard for video.

Thanks. I’m exporting as flac/48k and I’ll let you know how it goes in the morning.


So i exported as flac /48000, 3hr audio, however it resulted in the same 40min audio when i imported to audacity.


So, Im still in the same boat. Any ideas?

The sample rate (44,100 or 48,000) isn’t “the problem”.

Maybe we need to back-up a bit… You’ve got a 3-hour file with a couple hours of silence?

When you export to WAV from Movav (before doing anything in Audacity), what happens with Windows Media Player? Do you get the whole 3 hours?

So, Movavi was only saving 40min of volume instead of the entire 3hr. I have the full license, so honestly, I’m so done with tinkering. I got Premiere Pro, so I can actually work. Thank you for your effort, much appreciated! (:

CD quality WAV files are about 10.586 MB per minute, so a 500 MB WAV file at CD quality will be approximately 47 minutes duration.