I hit record and nothing happens

I’m experiencing an issue when recording on my Mac (10.11.5 El Capitan). I’ve recorded on this device dozens of times before without issue.

I open a new project, I hit record, a new track forms, but the pin does not move. Nothing is recording.
I tried uninstalling and re-installing and it’s the same thing.

Has this problem appeared after a Mac update? (See: Check What Software Updates Have Been Installed in Mac OS X)

I checked the updates log, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary.
Some additional info:
-I use a Blue Yeti microphone. I happened to have a second but the results are the same.
-When I switch to from “Yeti” to “Built-in input”, it DOES record, but that’s not the sound quality I need.

That’s useful information - rules out several possibilities.

In the system sound settings, if you select the Yeti as the recording device, do you see a signal level when you talk into the mic?

It appears to be working now. shrug :smiley:

Do you do anything to get it to work? Im having the same issue, it records with the build in input but when i switch to my microphone the red recording line appears but it just sits there, recording nothing.