I haven't mix for record

Is it a W10 or HP driver problem
My win 10 was broken so I have a new one now, in the old one I coud record my sound card, but not now
thanks for help

There’s not enough information.
See: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-post-a-question-on-the-forum/23175/1

My PC is a HP elitebook 8540W
My system drive is a SSD 500Go
64 bits
what else you need to know ?

what do you need to know to help ?

Which version of Audacity?

What are you trying to record?
What happens when you try recording?

I would like to record youtube for example
I have th 3.0.0 audacity version
I have not the mix application in recording
when I try wasapi record by headphones and listen by headphones it is a loud and horrorfull sound

Nobody had the same troubles as me ?

Can you turn down the recording level?

no, it’s the same a big buzz all along

Ensure that “Software Playthrough” is disabled (“Audacity Transport menu > Transport options”).

Steve you’re a wizard, I recorded don’t stp me now -Queen and it works thanks a lot

Super :smiley: Thanks for the update.