I have more than one audacity on the same machine

After I upgraded to 2.4.2 on a Ubuntu 20.04 machine, I still had the icons in my applications from the older one, plus another one that I got through snap or flatpak. for a total of 3 of them.
When I click on the third one, 2.4.2 comes up, and this one has more effects in the effects menu.
If I click on the second one, it comes up in dark theme and has less effects, plus I can’t add any; I can enable them but they don’t show up in the menu; the first icon brings up an older audacity with a light theme, and also less effects.
I thought these icons were links to the same application, but one problem is that if I restart the machine to do an update or something with audacity minimized, the machine boots up with ‘recoverable projects’ but when I open them, there are no waveforms just the outlines of where the clips used to be.
I want to get rid of the duplicate applications, but I don’t want to delete the config file or create a bunch of orphan files that one of the other audacities might not know where to find.
One of the config is in /snap/audacity.cfg and another one is just in /audacity.cfg and who knows where the third one is.
When I run >which audacity (or is it >whereis audacity) it gives me:

Does anyone know how to tell which one is actually running…and where might be those data files that are in some odd directory that audacity can’t find after crash recovery? (I saved the .aup files; in case I find the data ones some day and can copy them into the same directory as the .aup ones)
Now, I have to keep the program open and minimize it because I’m afraid if I save it and bring it back up there will be no waveforms…
Thank you in advance; and I did the survey, btw :slight_smile:

A properly installed Audacity has its configuration / preferences files in ~/.audacity-data
(where “~/” means your home directory, and the dot at the start of “.audacity-data” indicates that it is a hidden folder.)

Snapd and flatpack versions should have their own configuration / preferences files, but I don’t know where they keep them (I don’t use snapd or flatpak).