I have a latency/reverb? delay on my recorded audio

Hey guys,

I recorded some vocal audio on mixcraft using external mic, only to realize it has a delay when played back I hear the words again right behind each other. I am trying to use audacity to get this out of here because the take was so perfect I can’t possibly record it again. I tried searching online about latency and buffers and all that. I don’t get it! can someone walk me thru this or do it for me LOL. I gotta clean this track up.

All that stuff is how to keep the echoes from happening in the first place. Once you get them it’s pretty much too late. We can’t split apart voices once they’re mixed together.

However you don’t have regular echoes. Recording Latency is when you sing in perfect time to the backing track and the show plays off time. That’s it. That’s what the wiki pages solve.

If you have your live voice going onto the track multiple times, then you may have a computer setup problem, and it’s going to keep happening unless you solve it.

You can get problems like this if you record from WAV-Out, Mix-Out or What-U-Hear instead of a real microphone or sound card.

Do you use headphones? Another way you can get this is trying to listen to speakers while you live record. Nobody does that.



thanks, I was using headphones and the first take didnt have echo but I didnt like it so I just recorded a new one assuming settings are all the same, but it had echo this time. I will just have to re record I guess.

If you didn’t delete the original track, then all of them will play at once when you’re done. Good, Bad, and Backing.

You can use the SOLO and MUTE buttons to the left of the blue waves to select what you want to listen to. SOLO plays one track by itself. You may just need to delete the first, bad performance.



No I recorded on mixcraft but decided to use audacity to clean it up. I did have the teack solo when I made second take. I took take 2 out of mixcraft and into audacity.

Actually I see my problem in audacity. The R and L channels are playing at the same time at diff levels. If I could reduce the smaller sound L channel I think then It wouldnt echo. I just have to figure out how to delete that.

If you have a stereo, L and R track, you can use the menus from the left pulldown to “Split Stereo Track.” From there you can do anything you want to the two separated tracks.


Hey, thanks man. I figured it out just after I made that post. Can’t believe I didn’t see that the first time. lack of zzzzzzzzzzzz’s. I’ll never understand why it happened in the first place.