I can't save equalization curves anymore - please help

I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity v.2.1.3.

I’ve written several custom chains for processing my music, and for some reason today I cannot save a new equalization curve.

I clicked on Add in the Edit Chains dialog box and entered “Test” as the name of my new chain. I then inserted a new equalization macro item and clicked on Edit Parameters. I set the sliders to what I wanted, and then clicked on Save/Manage Curves, and renamed “unnamed” to Test and clicked OK. I then clicked on the Manage button and selected Save Preset, and again entered Test.

I then clicked on OK within the main Equalization dialog box. The name shown next to Select Curve instantly reverted from “Test” to “unnamed”, and when I clicked OK within the Select Command dialog box, the curve name within the equalization macro item within the Chain listing also showed “unnamed” instead the “test” name that I chose.

Even worse, I cannot edit the equalization items within any of my existing chains that I used this summer without the curve reverting to “unnamed”!

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to reinstall Audacity and all my curves from scratch?

Thank you very much!

Oliver Barrett
Sunnyvale CA

Did you export and save your curves as stand-alone XML?


If you do decide to reinstall Audacity, there is an option where you can [X] reset all your preferences and settings. If you do that, Audacity will start from First Birthday and yes, you will need to put all your curves in again.

But don’t do that until somebody familiar with this process posts.

Servicing always asks if you’ve restarted your machine. Did you? I don’t remember if Win7 has this feature or not, but hold Shift and Shutdown and Windows will do a better reset than just straight Shutdown or Restart.

*Google notes says Win 7, 8, and 10 all work that way.

If you have automatic virus software updates, it’s possible for the last update to think your work is evil and must be stopped. Disconnect all network services, shut down the virus software and see what happens.

One more. It’s possible for you to install a filter or effect and drive Audacity nuts. This would totally be the time to reinstall clean unless you can reliably back out of the last few Audacity add-ons.