I can't record with my headphones

I have a pair of headphones from my smartphone (nokia lumia 630
and when i record with them on my laptop (http://www.toshiba.com.ro/laptops/satellite/satellite-s70-b/satellite-s70-b-10z/) only the microphone from the ear plug works and they don’t record my voice. How can i record from the microfone i use when i am calling from my phone (i can talk on the phone with them)

It appears that when plugged into your laptop, you are recording from the “earbuds” rather than from the “microphone”. That is quite possible because headphones are much the same as “dynamic microphones” but working in reverse. This will happen if the wiring of the plug on the headphones does not match the required wiring in the device that you are plugging into.

It may be possible to make an adaptor to convert the headset connections to match the laptop, but it would be much simpler to just buy a new computer microphone.

Does your laptop have separate sockets for headphones and microphone?

Yes they have separate sokets for headphones and microphone but when i connect to headphone i only hear and when i connect to microphone i have this problem

A normal computer mic has 3 metal contact points on the plug, as do normal headphones. Your headset has 4 contact points. It’s the wrong connector for the sockets on your computer. You either need a headset that has two “mini-jack” plugs (one for the headphones and one for the mic), or a USB headset, or separate headphones and computer mic.

The mic input on laptops usually have fairly poor sound quality. That may not be a problem if you only need “telephone quality” recordings.