I can't record mic sound

Audacity 3.4.2
Mac Studio Sonoma 14.3.1

I have just switched to Mac from Windows 10 HP Pavilion laptop, a Studio with MAC OS Sonoma 14.3.1. Nothing else has changed re my recording set up, yet I can’t record any sound. The sound wave on the track is flat.

My mic is plugged into a Soundcraft Notepad 8FX, the output goes into a Behringer UCA202 DAC which is connected via USB into the Mac Studio.

The sound settings acknowledge the USB connection as does the Audacity playback and recording settings. I hit the record button but nothing is recorded. Just a flat line. I’ve switched USB ports on the Mac Studio, restarted and still the same. I have connected the Notepad 8FX directly to the Mac Studio via its own USB and both the Mac Studio and Audacity recognise it but no recorded sound.

I am guessing it’s something simple, but it’s not obvious to me.

What are your settings in Systemsettings / Sound / Input?

You may also need to select the input source in Audacity.

The settings recognised the Digital/analogue interface, that wasn’t the problem. I released that the MAC studio’s security settings wasn’t permitting apps to access the mic (or whatever USB interface ).

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