I can't open all of my aup3 files

The message that I got is as follows :slight_smile:

The file may be invalid or corrupt: /Users/gaetan/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-Personnel/Documents/1980-interview-Evenements-du neuf/E du N - B1 V1-effets-reel.aup3

Is there a solution to that?

Best regards,

So I try to avoid working directly on Cloud Storage. See: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

Try copying the files to your hard drive. The solution may be as simple as that.

Thank you for your advice. I did succeeded to import the mp3 file that I did exported from AUDACITY and I did recovered my files. I will follow your advice and the one go DVDdoug and I will keep my files on my hard drive.

Thank you. I did tried to copy the Audacity files but the Finder was not able to copy parts of them so they are a complete lost. But as I mentionned in my reply to jade man, I did recovered my file. Best regards.

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