I can not hear the sound

I can not hear the sound it worked ok before but stopped over night. Also it seem my voice dialoge has stopped working

It sounds like … “The Sound of Silence”…
Are you saying Windows has stopped or Audacity has stopped or have you stopped talking…?
Describe in more detail what bits still work and what bits do not work…??

When I am playing a recording in Audacity I can’t hear anything. There is no sound. When I play anything else YouTube, spottifed or anything it makes a sound. When I play audacity there is nothing. I’ve tried it directly from the laptop and through the soundcard there is no sound. I don’t really know how to describe it other than that. Everything else seems to work fine. Thank you for your help

“When I am playing a recording in Audacity I can’t hear anything” … If you cannot hear anything how do you know it is playing…?? Is it a saved file of a recording you are playing…??

“I can’t hear anything.” … Can you see anything… what is it doing…??

" When I play anything else YouTube, spottifed or anything it makes a sound"…What sort of sound…?? does it sound like a car or a motorbike…? OR Does it play properly the the sound you expect…??

What player are you using to play Youtube, spotify etc…??

“When I play audacity there is nothing.” … How are you playing it in Audacity…?? Do you open Audacity and then file open…?? OR Do you click record button and try to record Youtube etc in Audacity…?

“I’ve tried it directly from the laptop and through the soundcard there is no sound”… what do you mean “directly” and what do you mean “through soundcard”…??

To get sound out you will need a sound card either builtin, or plugged in to the slots, or a USB plugin sound card with speakers /headphones connected. You will need to check your windows sound card setting to make sure these are working first of all in Windows and the open Audacity and select you devices.

To get direct sound in to your PC for recording or playing you will need a built in mic to talk to, OR a Linein port to plug in a mic or other player OR Headphones skt etc. You will need to check these are installed in windows first and setup enabled and working.

You also get sound by playing sound files mp3 etc or Youtube or spotify etc you need to be able to hear these sounds within windows first, on your windows devices and see the levels moving before trying to get working in Audacity.
If it works in Windows it should be selectable as a device in Audacity and work in Audacity

Okay I put a file of me speaking on audacity.
I press the green arrow.
The vertical line starts traveling through the sound recording.
No sound comes out. There is not me speaking. Normally I would be able to hear myself speaking. I don’t know how else to describe it.

It seems like the sound card was actually to do with something else don’t worry about that.

If I export the file I can hear it on everything else. I just can’t hear it on audacity which means I can’t edit anything. There must be a switch somewhere or something like press so it’s possible to hear the recordings

OK, if you can hear it by any means your sound card must be working. at least within windows so in windows settings you should see what devices are in use and see the level meter go up and down with sound. Check the windows volume settings are up.

Then open Audacity and check you can see the devices toolbar… if not goto view…Toolbars…Devices… make sure it has a tick on it.
Check what devices are listed and output should be something like Speakers/Headphones…whatever you have installed
Make sure the Playback meter slider is not fully to Left …Zero…slide it to Right.
Click the Play Button, you should see the Playback green bar moving up/down and hear sound.
If that does not work post what settings you have in windows and Audacity

Thank you for spending time with this.
I don’t know how but for some reason it has suddenly started working.
A new box opened as I was opening audacity and I clicked on it and for some reason now the sound works.
It may have been that in my last visit I reset configuration. And at the time nothing happened but maybe it just waited until I closed and reopened it.
Either way it seems to be working well now and I am happy. Thank you for spending the time to try and help.

I did send a reply but it seems to have gone missing.
Thank you very much to spending the time to try and help me with this.
I am unsure what happened may be it was from my last visit where I reset the configuration. Nothing at the time happened but maybe it waited for it to be closed down and then reopened before it clicked in.
But either way when I opened audacity this time. There was a new box opened it didn’t say anything particularly on it but I clicked it and somehow the sound has started working again.
Thank you for your help

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