I can move selection between tracks - but how then to split?

I discovered that I can use the up and down arrows to move between tracks, apparently keeping the selection point at exactly the same place in each.

I would love then to be able to hit Cmd+I in order to split the second track at exactly the same point.

But I find that Audacity does not treat it like a selection point: at any rate, I cannot use Cmd+I until I actively click in that track — and, more often than not, when I click in the second track, the selection will not be at exactly the same place as in the track above (or below).

Any ideas whether I can tell Audacity to select the same point in a different track without using the mouse?

The up / down keys move “track focus” (indicated by yellow border to the track).
To toggle the selection on/off for the track that has focus, press “Enter”.

Cmd + i , like most other commands, operates on the selected audio.

Works a treat.

Thanks, Steve.