I can hear only one headphone/monitor?!?!

I’m fairly new to Audacity so I’m still learning the in’s and out’s, but for the most part I got the just of it. However, one problem still annoys me…while i’m recording or just testing record levels etc, i usually use headphones, they just help me hear whats going on with the track that you might miss while using monitors only anyways…I can only get sound out of one headphone or monitor!! and it drives me crazy. But during playback everything is fine, I can hear the recording out of both headphones both speakers etc, basically everything other then playback I only get sound from one headphone or monitor…I remember fixing this when I first got Audacity but it was a fluke either way I cant rememeber how I did it.
Thank you!

i’m recording

And there, in two words is all we know about what you’re doing, the computer, the operating system, the Audacity version, the microphone type, the headphones, etc. etc. etc.


…I’m not even sure what your talking about in your reply but i’ll take a stab at it…

Computer - PC
OS - windows XP
Audacity - 2.1.1
speakers - average stock computer speakers. I have a pair of Studiophile BX8a’s, but need a TRS cable so there not hooked up yet.
Mic/headphones - average rear mic quite low end same with my headphones (I have a studio projects SPB1 condenser mic but like I said I’m fairly new to Audacity so just checking it out before making decisions)

i’m recording guitar and plugging in directly to the soundcard with a 1/4 adapter, can’t rememeber what the adapter’s called. Everything works good except that one issue…

i’m recording guitar and plugging in directly to the soundcard with a 1/4 adapter

That’s the phrase that pays.

Depending on the adapter, and where you plugged it in, you are only playing to the “left” of a stereo recording. At your headphones, it will appear as a stereo show with half missing. There are several ways to work around this. You can get a new set of adapters that route your guitar to both left and right of the soundcard.

It may be possible to tell Audacity to record Mono (instead of Stereo) and pray to the sound gods they let you do it. “Mono,” even though it’s a single sound track and one blue wave, will play to both left and right through the whole recording process.

You can continue to do what you’re doing and cable adapt the headphones temporarily to connect Left to both ears.


Thanx man!!..and i’m sure i’ll have more questions in the future!