I am using dearVR MICRO in effects, but when I use it the changes are not recorded

After many issues with getting dearVR MICRO to work with Audacity 3.3.3, I was finally able to use the plugin to mix a track. However, it didnt record the changes. I am admittedly new to Audacity and maybe I am not actually recording anything. I have use envelope tools and was successful in “recording”, but that was making changes to the actual track visually. How do I get the changes I make on a plugin to actually make changes on the track so I can save it as an MP3?

So if you Export the audio it should apply the same effects as if you just “Play” it.

You can test this with Mix and Render to New Track and see if the desired changes make it to the new track.

They do not. I can do it live, but I can’t save the mix using the dearVR Micro.

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