I am not a robot

I don’t know what kind of security measure it is. In the last 2-3 hours, I had to prove " I am human " at least 25 times. I prove once and then I refresh the page after 3 minutes, I have to prove again. I don’t think I will be able to post here anymore. If possible, kindly look into it.

The Audacity websites are protected by Cloudflare, which challenges IP addresses that have a high spam/malware score. If you are getting challenged frequently it’s because you are logging in via IP addresses that Cloudflare thinks might be suspicious.

Possible. But my ISP is partly owned by Google. I have no control over my IP. I get dynamic IP, ie, a new one every time I start the modem.

I have been to websites protected by Cloudflare before. Here it is intense. I am not even sure this reply will get past I am not a robot.

If I am having this issue, a lot of other genuine users are too. Please see if you can tone down a bit.

It’s strange that some of the IP addresses that you use are in different countries. Are you connecting via a proxy server? Anonymous proxies are frequently used by bad actors, and quickly gain a high risk score.

No sir. I have no idea. Obviously, something is wrong with the IP which ISP allotted me. But it is a popular ISP in my place. I have encountered Cloudflare errors before. But not this severe.

Which country are you in?
How do you connect to the Internet?
If you connect to the internet from home, who is your ISP?

You’ve done what?

Update: luciferstar680 banned for spamming.