I am going crazy trying to record

Hi, I must be stupid. I am trying to download a MP3 karaoke file into Audacity and then trying to add a vocal to the previously recorded track.
Evrytime it re records the karaoke track and it becomes very messy and totally confused. In preferences I am ticking the box "play other tracks while recording new one. I must be doing something else wrong. It really frustrates me. Hope someone can help. wil


Can you clarify your enquiry a bit.

Did you manage to do this successfully (Import Mp3)? Does the track sound ok when you play it back before you try to put vocals on it?

Audacity wont record the vocals to the same track. It will create a new track under the imported Mp3 track. Have you managed to record vocals to audacity? What was you set up, microphone, mixer etc? If you are recording vocals through a microphone while listening to the track through external speakers then this will come through the microphone and re record in audacity along with your vocal track. It will also be delayed and probably sound “confused”. You need to listen to the music track through headphones. Dont know if this is the problem as you need to give more info

Hi Thanks for helping me. I am using my HP laptop and a Yamaha mixing console. I have an in and out into the mixing console. My headphones and microphone are are connected to the mixing console.

I have successfully imported MP3 karoke files into audacity. That is easy and only takes seconds.

I have also succesfully managed to get my vocals on one track.

My idea was to sing a vocal to the second track and perhaps some some track so I can figure out which vocal track is the best and then combine the best track with the MP3 karaoke track and make it into a song which i can put on a CD.

My problem has been that after I have got the first mp3 track done and i want to record my vocal the end result is that it looks like the computer re records the karaoke mp3 onto itself. the sound is just awful. You can hear the muffled vocal though.

The track with the Mp3 song on it sounds perfect before i record my vocals. When i record i just push the red button on the tool bar and the karaoke MP3 songs plays through my headphones and I can hear my own vocals. For some reason when you listen to the two tracks it gets messed up. So there is no chance of any external sound coming through my microphone. I just cannot work it out. It is probably only a small thing i am missing. Hope you can help me.

Do you have “software playthrough” turned off in the preferences (should be in the same area as play other tracks while recording new one)?
I think if this is turned on then when you record a new track it doubles up and sounds all crazy which may be your problem. Im not 100% on this so hopefully someone can correct me if i’m wrong.

You are using Windows? (XP? Vista?)

You have probably got your soundcard configured to record “Stereo Mix” (sometimes just called “Mix” or “What U Hear”). This will record all the sounds that are playing through the output of your audio device.

Your mixer output is connected to the “Line In” socket of your sound card?
You need to select “Line In” as the recording source using the “Windows Mixer” (look for a loudspeaker icon in the Sys Tray (bottom right corner of the screen near the clock).

In “Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O”
“Software playthrough” should be turned off.
“Play other tracks while recording new one” should be turned on.