I also can't hear audio in exported mp3 [SOLVED]

I am having the exact same problem. I’ve tried exporting as both an mp3 and a WAV. When I open either one in any media player, the track is silent for the duration of the recording. When I import the silent mp3 file back into Audacity, it works perfectly.

I’m trying to get the first episode of this podcast out, and I’m so close (hopefully). Can anyone help with this?

I started a new topic for you. Your computer and circumstances may not be exactly the same as that of the other user. And if that other user replies, it can get very confusing to respond to two users in the same topic.

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From what you wrote, the MP3 file is exported correctly by Audacity. Therefore the problem is that Media Player does not currently produce audio when playing a valid file. This can happen if you have connected a USB recording device, which takes over as the default Windows playback device even though it cannot play audio coming from the computer. You can fix that by disconnecting the USB recording device, then after you restart Media Player it will use your normal headphones or speakers again.

Otherwise go into the Windows Control Panel and set the default Windows playback device to the same device that you are using in Audacity.


Thanks, sorry for potentially confusing the thread!

This did work, I had my board still in the USB port the whole time and feel very silly now.