Huge distortion when recording vinyl to Audacity

I’ve recorded several vinyl mixes to Audacity via a Behringer mixer to a Behringer UF0202 interface into the laptop with no problem at all.

Went to do one yesterday and the input is suddenly way too high, completely redlining the recording level. Even when I reduce the recording level the input is completely distorted, but I’ve not changed any settings at all.

Host- Windows WASAPI
Recording device - Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)

Replaced the interface with no difference.

Anybody have any ideas?

The mixer has been failing- one of the 4 channels is dodgy and the lights failed completely the other day so I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Since you are using a mixer (presumably with phono preamps and a line-outputs), make sure the UFO202 is NOT set to phono.

You have a line-level signal out of the mixer and phono preamp built-into the UFO202 will WAY over-boost it, and apply RIAA equalization a 2nd time over-boosting the bass even more.

If that’s not the problem you may have to lower the output from the mixer. “Line level” is not tightly defined so the line-output from the mixer may be too hot for the line-input on the UFO202, and the UFO 202 doesn’t have a recording-level knob so you have to adjust/control the signal going in.

I assume you have an amplifier, or a stereo system, or amplified speakers, or something to check the mixer’s output?

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