Howto create account for submitting an Audacity bug

I would like to submit an Audacity bug.
When I try, I am asked for an account/password which appears to differ from this forum account.
On “Ask for a Bugzilla account”, I am supposed to “Launch an Application” (?) which seems to take me nowhere.
I do have a Gmail account (the one used here).

Please give me the steps to create an Audacity Bugzilla account.

– Audacityalex

Bugs may be reported here on the forum, and will be transferred to bugzilla by one of the moderators if appropriate. Please include all relevant information about how to reproduce the bug, including the exact version of Audacity (look in “Help > About Audacity”) and which version of Windows.


I’m submitting the bug under the name
“BUG. “Apply Chain” doesn’t work with “Silence” - v2.1.1, Win 7”

That is because the link is an e-mail “mailto” link. Windows wanted to know an application with which to open that link, presumably because you don’t have a default e-mail application installed.