How would I automate file segments for Second Life format?

I posted this in the stable windows version forum but thought it might be good to post here as well…


I’m working on a project in the virtual world environment of Second Life.

Audio files (music, sound fx, etc.) can be imported into Second Life and embedded into 3d primitives and played using the LSL scripting language.

The problem is, the imported wav files must be 10 secs or shorter in length. So to play an original sound file that is seventy seconds long, you have to cut it up into seven 10 second sequential segments. To be on the safe side, they recommend you cut segments into 9:99 or less segments.

This is an obvious pain in the butt because you need to attempt to cut the Audacity audio file (which would be a wav file) into equal segments so the LSL script in Second Life can play the files back sequentially and without any gaps.

I’ve been doing this by hand but having a hard time creating equal segments. And it’s massively time consuming.

Being fairly new to Audacity, which is a great sound editing program, I was wondering if anyone here who is familiar with Second Life and/or has had to cut up an audio file into equal segments knows if there is an automated way that Audacity can do this or if there is an external plug-in that works with Audacity that can do this.

Essentially, I’m looking for something that would measure the total time of the audio file, ask me the max length of each segment, then do a bit of math to automatically cut the wav file into equal length segments that are as close to the max length segment I entered when prompted.

In a perfect Utopian world, this automated segmentation process would also run zero crossing on each segment as it’s cut AND would split the segments automatically into separate tracks and as a spectacular finale, would allow you to export all the tracks into separate sequential wav files (like photo editing batch file renaming does).

If this exists, I’d be happy dancing forever if someone can point me in the right direction on where to find this magical program or how this can be done in Audacity.

If it doesn’t already exist and someone can create this, you will be worshiped by millions of peeps who use sound files in virtual worlds that have time cap limits.

Any assistance or advice anyone can offer is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Audcity 1.3 has batch processing for repetitive tasks … .
The Audacity macros are called “chains”.

In Audacity 1.3.8, under the “Analyze” Menu, there is “Regular Interval Labels …” which allows you to automatically place labels at regular intervals. Then you can use “Export multiple” to create wav-files.