How to use with my 'Audio Books?

How do I use it with my ‘Audio Books’? Don.

I assume you are you recording an audiobook?

You need a good “pro” microphone, an audio interface, and a quiet “studio”. (Or a “studio style” USB microphone, etc.)

Recording is straightforward. You just select your recording device, set your levels and hit “Record”.

There’s more information about recording & editing in the user manual which is installed on your computer when you install Audacity or it’s available online.

Once you have a good recording Audacity has a Recommended Audiobook Mastering Process. If it’s for ACX, check their website for more information.

Thanks for the reply.
NO, I don’t want to record.
I have ‘Audio Books’ that I have purchased and some of them have a very low pitch and are difficult to hear.
How do I use Audacity to raise the pitch?
Thanks, Don.

You (probably) don’t want to change the “pitch” but there is a Change Pitch Effect if you wan to try.

First, run the Amplify Effect to bring-up the volume. Accept the default and it will normalize (“maximize”) the volume. (If it’s already normalized/maximized it won’t do anything.)

Try the Graphic EQ Effect. If you are not familiar with equalizers it’s like an advanced tone control. The sliders on the left boost or cut the low frequencies (bass) and the sliders on the right control the higher frequencies (treble) .

Boosting the higher frequencies (maybe 5kHz and higher) will boost the “T” and “S” sounds and that can help with intelligibility. (Boosting the highs will also boost any background hiss, and if there are no highs in the recording there is nothing to boost.)

Another effect you can try is the Limiter. Maybe start with a limit of -6dB and if that’s not enough you can run it again. Use the make-up gain option to bring-up the overall volume after limiting. Try the hard limit option, or even the hard or soft clipping options. Clipping is actually distortion (which we normally want to avoid) but it can add some “grit” to the voice which may help.

Thanks, we’re getting close.
When do I load the 'audiobook?
It doesn’t seem to respond and goes into ‘record’ and waits.

Do you have the file on your hard drive or are you listening to it over the Internet.

If it’s on your computer you simply open the file. You don’t have to “record” it (unless it’s copy protected).

If Audacity can’t open it, you may need to install FFmpeg. If you are running a current version of Audacity on 64-bit windows, just download and run FFmpeg_5.0.0_for_Audacity_on_Windows_x86_64.exe.

If you still can’t open it, tell us the format and double-check the format with MediaInfoOnline.

OK, almost all of my books are purchased at “” where I purchase them and they are stored with them. I log on to my account and select my choice and it plays thru WIN 10.
I’ll try this next day or so.
Will respond, Rascal.

I’m surprised audible doesn’t have better quality control…

Use WASAPI (loopback) to record what’s playing.

Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows

FYI - It’s probably a copy violation and a violation of your user agreement to make a personal copy. If there’s no “download” button, they don’t want you to own a copy. (I’ve purchased a couple of audiobooks on CD.)

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