How to use previous lame versions in audacity w/o dll file?

hello people

How do you use older versions of lame in audacity for example the ones that do not have the dll files?

Why do you want to use an older LAME version? See here for how to install the recommended LAME 3.99.3

If you have some arbitrary lame.exe you want to use for a specific purpose, export using (external program) and point the command to your chosen lame.exe. Please see Exporting to an External Program.


The version that I am trying to use doesnt have lame.exe or maybe I can’t find it. Can you help me?

What exactly are you trying to do, and why must you use an old version of LAME to do that?

Your topic title said “w/o DLL” assuming “w/o” means “without”. So I suggested using the lame.exe.

Most versions of lame_enc.dll other than the one we recommend will not work in Audacity because they lack sufficient “symbols”. But any version of “lame.exe” will work using (external program).

If you must use a “dll” file for outdated LAME, try searching for a libmp3lame.dll for the LAME version you want to use - usually libmp3lame.dll files have sufficient symbols. You can rename it to “lame_enc.dll” (without quotes) to use it in Audacity.


Hey Gale
Thanks for the help
I dont have a reason, I just want to understand how it works and why beta versions do not have the dll file. They have libmp3lame files however they are not dll but dsp and vcproj files.

If you recompile Audacity you can remove the symbols restrictions and have it accept any lame_enc.dll. Up to you.

If you recompile old versions of LAME you can produce lame.exe and use those with Audacity’s (external program).


Is it possible to do it on a PC Windows 7, from my google searches it seems like its possible to do it on linux.

Compile Audacity? Yes. Get the 2.1.1 release code from then see win\compile.txt in the code.

Compile first wxWidgets 2.8.12 then Audacity. To compile, get Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition from