How to use Pitch Fix to sound like t-pain..

Can any body give me some pointers on what i should do to the settings of the Pitch Fix to give it more of a t-pain or robotic effect? thank you for your time! :smiley:

Robotic effect? The classic “robot voice” is made with a vocoder, not a pitch shift. Audacity doesn’t have a vocoder and I haven’t ever found any plugins that will do that effect to use in Audacity.

If you’re talking about a pitch corrector effect (a la “Believe” by Cher or “Only God Knows Why” by Kid Rock), then you’ll have to look elsewhere. The way they get that effect is by plugging a MIDI instrument into the effect unit, and using the pitch of the MIDI instrument as the target pitch for the vocals. I don’t think Audacity can utilize an effect that requires that kind of input (unless it were coded specifically for Audacity).

Where is this Pitch Fix effect you’re talking about?

i found it in the directory of all their plugins…and i messed around with it…and it gives it the same effect…but i dont know how i should tune it to make it more obvious instead of subtle…cause in its options its got a lot of different settings you can turn up and down…and i really dont know how i should tune it to make that sound come out more

I still can’t find this plugin, did it come with your install of Audacity?

umm…Google Yamaha Pitch fix …see if that helps

but can anyone help me with the settings and how to bring out that effect a little more?

OK, found it.

That’s a VST plugin, and Audacity only has rudimentary support for VST plugins. It seems like this plugin requires a MIDI input of some sort or it will just shift everything to C-major. Unfortunately, Audacity isn’t going to help you there since it doesn’t support MIDI inputs.

You’ll either have to use different software that supports VST (I’m not sure if any freeware options exist, though they might), or live without the Pitch Fix plugin.

Also note that for the kind of effect I think you’re looking for, you might also need a MIDI sequencer or a MIDI keyboard to adjust the target pitch in realtime yourself.

where would i find one of those for free…and works pretty good?

Apparently Kristal can use VST plugins properly:

I have no idea about a free software MIDI sequencer. But I’m also not convinced it’s 100% necessary, it depends on what that Yamaha plugin expects.