How to use PaulXStretch

I have PaulXStretch installed and it is shown on the Effects menu. I understand the PaulXStretch interface to some extent, but I cannot figure how to apply the effect to the audio file currently open in Audacity.

Are there instructions or tutorials somewhere? Can anyone help?

I’ve used the built-in PaulStretch but PaulXStretch seems to have many more options.


Unless you really need the extra features in PaulXStretch, I’d suggest that you use the Paulstretch effect that is included with Audacity.

If you do need to use PaulXStretch instead, there’s a couple of tutorials linked from their website: PaulXStretch
I’ve no idea if PaulXStretch works in Audacity.

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Thanks. The effect that comes with Audactity is great but I did want to use the extra features. I did kinds assume that as Audacity has added PaulXStretch to the menu without any prompting from me, that it did work with Audacity.

I’ll check out the tutorials. I have a feeling I may have looked at them before.

Have to “capture” what Audacity is playing …
PaulXstretch in Audcaity3
I would just use PaulXStretch as standalone, rather than within Audacity.

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Ah, that’s how it’s done! Thanks.

Again, thanks. It sounds like there isn’t much by way of integration. :frowning:

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