How to use Audcaity Softawre on website? Do it have any plugin

Hello, i hve an audiobook website where i offer audio books. I mostly use Audacity for editing, cutting etc audios but its really hard to edit the audio on PC and then upload it. Is there any online plugin of audacity that can allow me to do all these faetures online on my website?

Like for example i have a page [Advert removed by moderator] i m offering some audio mp3 on it. When i upload them its all in one part. then i download it on my PC edit it with Audacity and then re upload the parts? Is there anyway through which i edit these audio online on my website, like any plugin etc

And you are licensed to distribute those books? I apologise if I’m being unreasonably sceptical, but it seems unlikely to me that Amazon would give you permission to distribute at no cost, audiobooks that they are selling commercially.

No, Audacity doesn’t have upload or download features or plug-ins.