How To Turn Off Envelope Tool

Hi All, thanks for reading…

I am fairly new to Audacity, but enjoying the experience. Mostly :slight_smile:
Using version 2.4.1 in Windows 10.
I have several times got “stuck” in envelope mode, and I can’t find any way out except by exiting Audacity and restarting it!

The “tools” toolbar I have hidden, to prevent my klutzing the buttons. There must be some part of the screen (other than the toolbar button) that I am accidentally clicking, or a key combination that I have fat-fingered, in order get hurled into this envelope mode. I will figure that out eventually, but I need some way of exiting.

Googled for an answer.
Hit the ESC key.
Hit Ctrl-Z.
Searched the menus.
Still no luck…

There must be a key?
Thanks in advance!

Envelope Tool is F2. Selector (I-Bar) is F1.

That doesn’t work on my machine because I have other functions mapped to those buttons.

I think we went through this a while back…



If you “Never” use envelopes, then you can disable the (“F2”) shortcut in Keyboard Preferences.

Problem solved, thanks so much!