How to turn a normal speaking into a song?

I am a newbie in sound editing, so I don’t know how to turn a normal speech into a song.

I mean, I want to add rhythm to a normal speech but I don’t know what should I do :frowning:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Please try using more words. Speech is not music, unless perhaps you are rapping. Is that what what you are trying to do?


I mean, for example such thing :

Or lots of other famous people’s speeches turned into hilarious songs!

The music is ready & I have cut the words I need already. The problem is I need to give those random words rhythm!!!

I’d guess that was done with [u]Melodyne[/u] or maybe [u]AutoTune[/u]. There is free '“pitch correction” plug-in called G-Snap, but I’m not too sure how well it works or if it will work in this application.

Audacity has a Change Pitch effect, but you’d have to select & change one word/note at a time and it would help if you are a musician or if you have a good ear for music.