How to transfer voice.3ga files from dropbox

I saved a lot of voice recordings from my cell phone and uploaded them to Dropbox, and i am unable to open the files. How do i transfer out of Dropbox to a software that reads and plays the voice.3ga files, there is no feature to resave in an mp3 i tried to do that so i can transfer the files out of Dropbox, any suggestions?

i do not know what extensions, plug-ins, or software to use, to open my recordings.


According to this link: you can open 3ga files with VLC, Windows Media Player and Quicktime. Save the files from Dropbox to your computer and convert to MP3 using one of those programs.

Does that help at all?

Mark B

Apparently Audacity will play “3ga” files if you install FFmpeg

Even better if Audacity can do it. :grinning:

Thank You Mark!

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