how to to find out what has been done to a piece of the recording in the past

I am not sure how to describe the situation, but -

I want one vocal track to have the same effects as another that I recorded and edited days before - even though I do not know exactly how much of which certain effect was used.

Is there a way I can see how much distortion/reverb/compression a piece of the recording has? I want to find out what has been done to a clip in the past.

No, and we can’t take effects, filters, or corrections out, either. That’s the sister question.

If you didn’t close Audacity between the two sessions, you might be able to Edit > UNDO and take notes.

Many of the effects freeze their settings from application to application. So if you can at least remember close, you can open up the effects you “probably” used and write down the numbers.

For example, if you know you applied Filter Curve, the last known correction will still be in there. You are going to have serious troubles if you don’t remember the order.

This isn’t a big deal if all you did was change the volume or something simple like that, but Distortion, Compression, Reverb and the associates are complex, non-linear effects and there’s no good way to backtrack.



You can post 10 seconds of before and after sound and see if anyone here can guess what you did.



Yes, that is what I figured, which is why now I am hardly making any changes in tones until I have all of the tracks recorded. This is hard to do - but I can’t complain, since Audacity costs $0 :smiley: