how to tell record and automatically remove silences


i want to do long recordings and to set the program to automatically revome the silences so that when i listen to it, i only have the sounds and dont have to scroll the long recording to get to the next sounds

can u help?

See “Truncate Silence”:

A caution here. Audacity doesn’t “know” what silence is. All it knows is sound higher or lower than a set value. Your recordings don’t have “silence,” either. They have your show, stuff and background noise. It’s up to you to adjust settings so Truncate removes the right thing.

What normally happens is the desired volumes are too close to the background noise and Truncate Silence goes through the presentation willy-nilly chopping off stuff you really wanted.

Most people want the software to listen to the work and decide by advanced analysis what’s silence. Audacity is not the program for you.