how to sync a second track to the beat of the first?


I have a project with a ‘correct’ rythm in the first track: all beats ‘arrive’ after the same repeated interval of one second. So there’s a beat on exactly the first second, the second one, the third second etc.
In the second track, which has the same tempo, sometimes the beat comes a little bit later or earlier (for example at 1,1 seconds, the next might be right on 2 seconds, but the third for example on 2,95 seconds)
Is there an easy way to make the beats of the second track in sync with the first? (Without making every part between two beats a little bit longer or shorter manually?)
For example by marking points on the second track and automatically spread them equally over the track?

Thanks for your replies!

(Windows 8, audacity 2.0.6. obtained the .exe installer)

Have I got this right?

The first track has an exact and constant tempo.
The second track has an overall tempo that is about the same, but is not constant so some beats are early and other beats are late.
You want to synchronise the second track to the first track.

Is that it?
If so, then unfortunately there is no easy way to do that in Audacity.
Some “full featured DAW” programs (such as Sonar, Cubase, Reaper…) may have a feature called “quantize” that allows you to make the second track “strict tempo”.

I see there is a feature request for adding Quantize to Audacity. Would you like to vote for that feature? (it may not happen any time soon, but it provides a record of which features users would like to see).

I’m not an expert and I can’t recommend any particular software, but it’s called [u]Quantizing[/u].

It’s done all the time in music production, but it’'s usually done on individual instruments or most-often on individual drums before mixing. So, for example the snare and high-hat would be adjusted/aligned separately. I think there is usually at least some human interaction & judgement involved. Sometimes just a few drum hits are tweaked, and sometimes everything is aligned exactly “to the grid”

There is a fairly new tool called [u]VocALign[/u], but I don’t know if it’s appropriate for what you are doing, or if it’s in your budget.

Thanks for your your replies!
Indeed, quantizing seems to be what I’m looking for.
It’s a pity that it’s not a feature of the current version.
How can I vote for this?

Now that I know the name of this fature, I’m able to try to find it elsewhere on the web.
So thanks!

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I’ve added your vote.

I would also like to vote for quantization. Is there a way that I can track the issue?

What sort of quantization?

I would also like to vote for Quantize option. can you add my name to the vote list?

Thank you.

Vote added.