How to switch audio windows in Audacity. [SOLVED]

I use Audacity infrequently, as will be shown by my (seemingly stupid) question.

How do i switch between audio files within Audacity? I’ve opened a file, snipped part of it, created a new file and pasted the audio in there. However, i cannot figure out how to get back to my original window. There’s a “Window” tab and i’d expect all of the audio files to show up there, but no dice. When i quit Audacity, it asks me whether i want to save all the files that i have open, but it has GOT to be easier than threatening to quit, surely!

Could someone please tell me what i am missing?
thanks so much!

The way I read this, you should be creating a new show as a second track below the original. Select the track by clicking just right of the up arrow. Then you can do all your management and editing on that second track without affecting the original on track 1.

You can listen to one track only with the MUTE or SOLO buttons.

When it’s time to export, Select the hero track and File > Export > Export Selected, NOT File > Export > Export.


Sounds to me like you are opening multiple Audacity windows. While Audacity allows you to do this, it is rarely a good idea or necessary. One instance of Audacity can support multiple tracks. Generally it is better to use multiple tracks in one project than multiple projects.

Note that Mac OS does not like to close applications properly. When you have finished one particular job, “Exit” / “Quit” Audacity (rather than just “closing”) so that your next project has a clean start.

Unless you are in full-screen mode, Audacity should “tile” multiple project windows. Just click in the window you want to bring to the front. Or use Command+ (that means 'hold the command key while pressing the "" key’, which is usually just to left of the “1” key) to cycle through the project windows.
– Bill

Thank you for the replies!

billw58 actually gave me what i needed. Cmd-` is what i was looking for to switch windows.

I want to learn something from the explanations here though. To be clear, i’m selecting File->New to create a new file in which to record audio. Once complete, i’m selecting a subset of that audio, copying it and then, wanting to put that into another ‘place’. How i am currently doing that is (again) selecting File->New, pasting the audio and proceeding. By doing this, am i opening up multiple instances of Audacity? I thought of that, but when i toggle open applications, i only see one instance of Audacity.

Maybe there is a better way to do this that Koz and steve were trying to describe, but i didn’t quite get what you were after, if you could explain a little more in-depth, i would certainly appreciate that!


Could you describe what “the job” is. What are you trying to do? What are you recording and why do you need lots of “bits”?

Sorry, i totally missed your question! What i a trying to do is take a long recording (a “take” if you will) and pull parts out of that and string them together into a new “take”. So, let’s say i’ve got a loop that is 16 bars long, i might want to take bars 3-5 and start a new ‘take’ with that. Then, i may want to pull bar 7 out of that original “take” and append it to the new “take”. And so on, until i’ve essentially cobbled something together that i would late import back into my DAW and treat further.

I hope that makes sense, i still have this question, sorry that i did not see yours!

And, i think i just figured it out. You simply (1) make your musical selection, (2) select “Copy”, (3) select "Paste and Audacity creates a new track right there in the same window. That’s the part i didn’t get. Thanks!

I’m still not totally clear about what you are trying to do, but it sounds like now that you have discovered using multiple tracks, you have the job under control (the problem is solved) and you don’t need more input from us (for now). Is that right?

Yes, i understand the solution to my original issue and this is ‘closed’ for me. It’s raised an additional question which i will pose under a new thread. Thanks for checking with me!