How to split into several parts a long mp3 audio file

Hello everyone, I need to split into several parts a particularly long mp3 audio files,
I know that there are several online software that allow this, but what I would like is a software that can be divided into equal parts but which fades each part with a few more seconds and that those seconds are also repeated in the next piece.

ES. If my “test.mp3” is long 100sec and I decide to create two shares,
the part “test01.mp3” will last 100sec / 2 + 3sec
the part “test02.mp3” will last 100sec / 2 + 3sec
that is, the end of the first part will be repeated at the beginning of the second in order to create a slight overlap.

Can you tell me if there is a plugin or other ready that makes this?

Alternatively, how you would get this result?

Tnx, reggio

It is probably helpful if you tell us what the aim is. Why do you want the sections to fade? Do you only want the ends of the sections to fade, or do you want the start of the sections to also fade? Is this for music or speech recording? Do the files have to be in MP3 format? How important is sound quality?

Hi steve, ok I try to explain better :slight_smile:
I have many stories recordings that last 2.5 - 3 hours
with a similar length, they are unmanageable
I would break them into parts of 15minutes or so, I would like to create episodes

I want to avoid manually break up, but if they automatically break it is very likely that the words will be broken in half, which is why I would like to insert an overlap in mod never miss a word.

I believe that the fade should be both the beginning and end of each episode.
The audio is voice and not music, the quality is not important.

Do you know a software or a plugin or other things you can do this automatically or almost automatically?

Tnx, reggio

No, but it’s fairly quick to do manually with Audacity.

  1. Import the long recording.
  2. With the entire track selected, apply “Analyze > Regular Interval Labels” with these settings:
    fullwindow-Regular Interval Labels-001.png
  3. Press Ctrl+A to select all.
  4. Apply " Regular Interval Labels" with these settings:
    fullwindow-Regular Interval Labels-002.png
  5. Edit menu > Labeled audio > Split
  6. Delete the label track (click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track)
  7. Zoom in a bit and click on the “split line” at 3 seconds - we don’t need that one.
  8. Zoom / scroll or use the Selection toolbar as necessary to find the 3 second clip that starts at 15 minutes (see here for some tips: Regular Interval Labels" with these settings;)
  9. double click on the clip between 15 mins and 15:03 to select the three second section.
  10. Effect menu > Fade out.
  11. Click on the split line at 15 minutes to join the fade-out to the first 15 minutes.
  12. double click on the first 15:03 section to select it and “File menu > Export Selected Audio”
  13. Undo (Ctrl+Z) back to step 9 (undo the fade).
  14. Select the first 15 mins (double click) and delete it (Del button).
  15. Select the first 3 seconds, “Effect > Fade In”, then click on the split line to join it to the next 15 minutes.
  16. Find the next 3 second clip, fade out, join it to the first 15 minutes, select it, export it.
    and so on.

Hi steve, I thank you very much for your precise indication,
unfortunately my English allows me to only follow you to the point 6 … :confused:
Can I hope for your short video tutorial?