How to Split audio file?

I don’t know what it’s called, but apparantly its NOT Splitting the audio!
I have game play audio from a LIVE game play feed with my voice of course talking during game! Now editing the video in Shotcut (my video editing software of choice), I have one audio of my voice with back ground game, sound effects, music… all on one audio feed which is part of the video feed on shotcut.

I can separate or Lift the Audio from the video feed, but that removes the entire audio track. Not my voice. I can than save that as a separate audio file, and load it into Audacity if my solution lies there!
I simply want to remove my voice from the audio! I want to leave the rest of the audio there, including background music, and even the in game voice when the game characters or the Narrator speak! I just want my voice removed, even if temporarily or in certain areas of the video feed! It’s not SPLIT as that simply cuts the feed before/after the split line for editing the feed entirely.
Again, I just want to remove, or maybe LIFT, a specific audio sound from an audio file, leaving the rest!

Is this possible?
Yes, I’m New! Trying to improve my tech skills to continue improving my editing, and YT gaming skills!

Dman Gamer

SO to clarify…
If I can remove the entire Audio track from the video feed, save it as a separate Audio MP3 file, and than load into Audacity… If i can edit the audio file there in Audacity, and remove my voice audio from the file, and save the audio file without my voice, and export as a new Audio file…
Than I can reload the new audio file into Shotcut and continue with my editing!
I just need to know how to Split/Lift/Remove (whatever the option is called), a specific sound input from the audio file.

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