How to split a file and save individual tracks

How do I save splits as individual files? I have a long recording that I want to split into individual tracks and save the individual tracks as .mp3 and/or .wav
Thanks forthe help.

I usually just select the song or “track” and then File → Export Audio → Current Selection, one at a time.

I’ll usually select & export a little extra, then re-open then one at at time, zoom-in, and trim the silence. (1)

Or, there is a Tutorial in the manual for labeling the tracks and doing it automatically.

(1) If you are making MP3s, export your temporary files as WAV (or FLAC) and compress to MP3 ONCE. MP3 is lossy compression and there is some accumulated “damage” every time you open (decompress) it and re-compress. You my not notice any quality loss but it’s “good practice” to minimize the number of generations of compression.

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