How To Splice Together Audio Tracks?

Hello all!

I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.3.3 (I’m pretty sure it is anyway), and here’s my question:

I have two audio tracks recorded right now, one of which is me reading for a podcast I’m putting together, and the other of which is a track of background music. I have the background music track’s threshold squashed after the first 30 seconds to have it fade under and then out beneath my voice, and my question is; how to edit these two tracks together, and also, how to space my voice track to begin where I want it to, after that initial 30 seconds of music? I’m new to Audacity and like what it has to offer already, so any input is appreciated. Thanks, all!

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Audacity will smash all your tracks together top to bottom when you export.

You can do that ahead of time with Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render to a New Track.

The new track will be the mix.


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On point, so the tracks will automatically be placed side by side? Great! Now the question remains of; how to edit the tracks so that my voice track begins when I want it to begin, which is approximately 30 seconds after the music does and then–as I mentioned–quiets down to allow my speaking to come through?