How to snap my selection to the start of waveforms?

I’m using windows 10 64-bit and audacity 3.0.2.

I am fairly new to audacity and I wonder if there’s a faster way to select only waveforms of my clips?

So in the picture above, there are roughly 300 clips and I need to select each and every one of the waveforms and then add in 0.5 seconds of selection at the start and the end of the waveform for natural silence - I mustn’t add in generated silence. So my question is, if there is a tool that can automatically snap to the start and the end of my waveform, because I’ve already figured a way to add in macro and increase selection quickly.

Essentially now I just need to find a way to quickly and precisely select waveform. Does anybody know if there’s an easy way to do it rather than by hand (maybe even plug-ins)?

Perhaps “Truncate Silence” (

It looks like some of the tracks have “blips” near the end of the track. Assuming that you want to trim off those blips as well, you would need to remove those blips first, either by deleting or by “silencing” (“Edit menu > Remove Special > Silence Audio (Ctrl + L)”). You would not need to be precise when removing those blips, so that should be quick and easy to do.

I found about a cool plug-in called “Trim silence”. However, now I’m getting error “out of memory”… I’m running 32gb ram and when it pops up only 8 gb of my ram is actually in use. I’ve also checked my ssd which still has 180gb of free space so I have no clue how to fix this… Is there a way to allocate more memory to audacity?

I’m guessing that’s a Nyquist plug-in.

Nyquist runs internally as a 32-bit app, which is limited to 2 GB RAM, irrespective of how much RAM is available on the computer. Any Nyquist effects that need to hold the entire selected audio in RAM have this limitation. This is likely to be one such case.

The Audacity “Truncate Silence” effect does not need to hold the entire waveform in RAM, so it can process very long selections even on a 32-bit machine that does not have much RAM.