How to smooth waves

I’m trying to mod some voice files from a game to remove the subtle robotness in the voice. I think I’ve found what’s causing it and I’m trying to see if smoothing out the waves would fix it. Btw I’m very new to editing audio, sorry if I’m doing something dumb. Also I’ve attached the file and a picture and of what I think is making the voice sound like a robot.

Repair can be used to smooth-out short* sections, (*128 samples).
repair demo.gif

Let us know how it comes out.

Most “machine voices” happen when the machine either puts the wrong tonal inflection in the voice, or leaves too many out. Both are red flags to your ears and terrifically hard to fix.

I very recently sat through a “news broadcast” voiced by a machine. It was “OK…,” but I was hard put to pay attention to the work because I kept thinking, “How would a machine know that?”

More importantly, why should I believe a disembodied machine?


I tried smoothing it but it didn’t really help, I played with the equalizer and compressor and got something that sounds better. I couldn’t get rid of all the robot sounding bits, but there less noticeable now. Thanks for the help, I think I’ll use this set up for the rest of the files.