How to simulate single sideband modulation effect

Hey guys,

I’m trying to create a single sideband modulation or SSB type sound effect.

so far i’ve got as far as using

(mult s (hzosc 2000))

which gives a reasonable approximation but its not quite right, its making a much more distorted end result with too much of a tremolo effect.

I can drop the carrier frequency i am using to around 200 and i get less tremolo but the effect is still not quite the same.

What i would like to do is achieve something like the battle chatter in homeworld , or star wars republic commando

any help would be greatly appreciated.

;version 3 
(sim (mult s (fmosc 44 (hzosc 44))))


;version 4
(sim (mult *track* (fmosc 44 (hzosc 44)))))

Also see helmet effect plugin.

Yes. However, to theatrically “sell” the effect, you have to miss it a couple of times as the camera zooms into the operator setting the receiver, first too high and then too low and then hit it.

Single Sideband has no carrier to automatically tell the receiver what to do, so it’s up to the operator to put the carrier back in where they assume the carrier would have been had it been there. No guarantees. Stop adjusting when you can understand the transmission not when it’s theatrically beautiful.

“Single Sideband,” at least as it applies to amateur radio is really “Single Sideband, Suppressed Carrier,” although nobody calls it that.

What fun. A Google search for SSB example clips turns up zero-nothing. It does turn up billions of pages of people explaining what it does at great length and how it works. It also turns up one guy violating a prime directive of podcasts. He makes you sit through his mistakes. “This is what SSB sounds like … gee, the transmissions were there a minute ago.”

We have this thing called editing.

I wonder how you would do that “swooshing” into the correct carrier in Audacity.

Arggggg! That sound is burned into my head. Somebody must have recorded it.


About 30 seconds in, the transmission starts to “miss it” and you get the sound of tuning.


Oh. That’s not SSB. That’s Taxi Voice.

Effect > Distortion > Leveler at maximum setting, multiple times.

Also see:

Roger Air France 26 Clear for departure runway two-niner.

Same effect.


That’s Effect > Equalization: Telephone
Effect > Distortion > Leveler, level 5 … twice.

That’s the push and then you do everything else in theater. Adjust Leveler as needed for more or less gritty distortion. Leveler was retained from earlier Audacity versions because it works exactly the same way actual communications microphones work. It’s a natural.


Yeah trebor has the sound effect down perfectly, figured he would as i was reading posts from about 2015 and he was close to what i was looking for.

the aviation voice / taxi voice is closer to the videos i posted, but they are actually really poor examples of what i wanted.

As to how to get the tune in / tune out effect, im thinking to make a tuned in version and a tuned out version and then mix the tracks back and forth to simulate it

I find that using rectifier distortion and a slow phaser provide a good emulation of carrier tuning

The Star Wars vocal effect is the one I’m trying to reproduce! Any luck with yours?