How to shorten mp3 loading in Audacity?

In the new version of Audacity 3.2.2 they did so that when you load any file, especially if it is several hours old, it is very annoying because when it is loaded, it must be loaded to the end even if you press the “Stop” button when loading after a few seconds then the Audacity program will hang and hang only after the mp3 track is loaded to the end, but in previous versions of Audacity it was like that when you clicked the stop button when loading an mp3 track, the editor only displayed what had been loaded during this time and that’s it I wish it was now. I would like only the short beginnings of many hours of mp3 recordings, to see why I need to load them to the end and I also need it to know how many decibels to set in the MP3 Gain program as the recording is very quiet. I would like the Audacity program to show only a few or a dozen or so first minutes of the song recording, as I would like in previous versions of the Audacity program. Everyone is looking for something different in music editors, I’m looking for this, but I’ve looked through all the options and I don’t know which option it is and whether such an option of this setting even exists. For several years, they have introduced a very annoying feature in the Audacity program that when you close the program and press the button to not save anything, the Audacity program creates some checkpoints in the temporary directory and it is very sluggish on the platter disk and you have to wait a long time or run the task manager and force premature closing of the Audacity program then why do I need these checkpoints as this is completely unnecessary for me, it only takes time and burdens the disk how can it be deleted? To load an mp4 movie file into Audacity, you need to download the plugins. I ran Audacity with Administrator privileges and it stopped popping up. Previously, the replacement for Audacity was Audiotronic in the Microsoft Store, but they discontinued it, I don’t know why.
I would prefer to remove these 2 annoying functions from the Audacity program, but if it is not possible, then some similar program, even paid, but first focus on how to remove Audacity from this program I am very used to it and I don’t want to get used to the new interface unless I don’t If I remove it from Audacity, I have no choice.

I’ve been using Audacity since version 1.2, and I’ve never seen that behaviour. In my experience, importing a file has always been “all or nothing”.

There was previously an option for “On Demand” loading, which deferred the rendering of the waveform graphic, but that was only for lossless formats such as WAV and AIFF, not for compressed formats such as MP3. On Demand loading was removed from Audacity several years ago because it was causing too many problems for a lot of users, and was only of limited benefit for a small minority of users.

Well they say that you learn something every day :slight_smile: You’re quite correct. If the file is long enough it was previously possible to partially load a file by hitting “Stop” before the import completed.

It seems that the last version that can do that is Audacity 3.1.3. You can get it here:

and I also need it to know how many decibels to set in the MP3 Gain program as the recording is very quiet.

MP3Gain can analyze the files… That’s part of it’s normal process. It can batch-analyze (at least if you have the GUI) and it’s probably faster than Audacity. It does have to analyze the whole file to work properly.