how to separate vocal and guitar?

I’m recording acoustic guitar and vocals and would like to have separate vocal and guitar tracks in order to balance volume, effects, etc on each separately.

I’m going from a Behringer mixer (ub802) L and R line out to my laptop, connecting through a stereo miniplug in the mic input. I’m panning the vocal channel 100% right and the guitar 100% left. In the headphones connected to the mixer, I hear them separated. In Audacity I’ve chosen stereo record and 2 tracks. when I record, I get 2 mixed tracks. What am I doing wrong? I tried applying the “spit stereo track” command in the dropdown box, but nothing seems to happen.

I’m very new at this, so please be gentle.

This would work perfectly except for one thing:

Mic inputs are mono. I’m surprised you were even able to record to 2 channels, usually the drivers complain. I’m also going to guess you were monitoring through the Mixer and not through the computer. That’s why everything sounded right in the headphones, but came out mixed in the end.

You have two options. You can buy a USB/FireWire audio interface with a Line In, Behringer makes one for $35, but there is a nicer model from Edirol for $80.

Alternately, you can return that mixer and buy a FireWire mixer with multiple outputs. The mixer you have will always limit you to 2 independent channels for recording, but if that’s ok then keep it. It’ll be up to someone else to recommend one though, the drivers for those are iffy and I’m not sure all of them will work with Audacity.

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, new equipment is not an option right this minute, as I’m currently living in Mexico and can’t just email musician’s friend or one of my other favorite mail-order places and fix the problem.

What is the “split stereo track” command good for? How does it work?


It separates a stereo signal into 2 different channels so you can alter one channel differently from the other. If you need to, you can also take those two separate channels and make them each mono so you can pan them wherever you like.