How to select words that run together with other words, for deletion or replacement

I am editing the audio for an audiobook, so that the audio matches with the text. It is difficult to know where to place the insertion point tomake the cut between words that run together . My results have not proven to be acceptable; I hope someone can steer me in the right direction. I am on a macbook air (2020), running os ventura and audacity 3.2.4. Thanks. Hank

Multi-view: waveform & spectrogram

Read it again.

Run-together words means the theatrical expression is going to be wrong too and you’re not going to fix that in post production. Even Hollywood schedules reshoots for problems like this.

Plus, just to read this back to you, you’re planning on editing your audiobook word by word. That’s a retirement project, plus, the people at the company are looking for “distractions” and anything that doesn’t sound “normal.”

People reading for the first time are shocked the difference between their first and second readings.

Are you planning on submitting to ACX? They have two important notes: Your book has to be for sale on Amazon right now, and it can’t be on this restricted list (scroll down).

They won’t publish a cookbook.


Did you read it? It doesn’t actually say that. One possibility is to get someone else to read it. ACX publishes lists of known performers.


The best solution is to replace sentences instead of words.

If you must chop-up a sentence it’s best to fade-out, fade-in, and splice with a short crossfade (overlap). The fades/crossfade should be just a few milliseconds. Long -enough to be smooth but short-enough not to be noticed (hopefully).

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