How to see the details of wav file?

Hello! when I open a wav file in Audacity, I want to know how to know the details of the wav file.

how can I see the properties of the wav file opened in audacity?

i.e., I want to know Sampling Rate, 8-bit PCM like that. How to find those things?

Also I want to convert a wav file to 8-bit PCM wav file with sampling rate 11KHz and another to 8-bit pcm *KHz wav file. How to do that?

Jayanth D

You only get very limited information, mono or stereo and sample rate (both in the Track Control Panel to left of the waveform). The bit-depth shown there is the resolution the file is imported at according to your Quality Preferences, and not the actual bit depth of the file.

Any more information than that (such as MP3 bit rate) is a feature request for full audio properties information. I’ll add your vote for that unless you say otherwise, so we can gauge how many people would like this.

You can also try a program called MediaInfo that is nothing to do with Audacity. Avoid the installer as it is bundleware.

Set the sample rate for the export in “Project Rate” bottom left of the Audacity window.

Then File > Export, choose “Other uncompressed files”, click “Options” and choose “Unsigned 8 bit PCM”. U-Law and A-Law in that dialogue are also 8-bit formats, but using companding algorithms.


In video editors this would be “Clip INFO.” I miss it in Audacity.

I need to see the full details.

One more question. If I export a 16bit 22KHz PCM WAV file to 8bit 22KHz PCM WAV file the bit rate changes. Right?

Is there a wav to change the bit rate of the wav file.

Jayanth D

For WAV files, the bit rate = (bit depth) x (sample rate) x (number of channels). So for a recording with a 44100 Hz sample rate, 2 channels (stereo) and 16-bit depth: 44100 x 2 x 16 = 1411200 bits per second, or, 1411.2 kbps.

So in your example halving the bit depth from 16-bit to 8-bit halves the bit rate.

Change one of the three parameters above.


OK. I got that.

I want to convert a 16bit 22KHz 2 Channel PCM WAV file to 8bit 22KHz 1 Channel PCM WAV file. How to do that?

I want to know how to make a stereo to mono?

Jayanth D

If the Audacity project rate bottom left is not already at 22050 Hz, make it so (note, “22000 Hz” is non-standard).

Select the track to be made mono (click where the Hz is shown to left of the waveform) then Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.

Use “Other uncompressed files” then the “Options” button as already described to choose the 8-bit PCM option.

If you installed Audacity from the EXE installer, there is a Manual at Help > Manual (in web browser).


OK. I got it now. Thankyou very much Gale Andrews.

Hello! Gale

I want to know how to convert a wav file to raw data or raw file using audacity?

Jayanth D

“File menu > Export”
Select “Other uncompressed files” as the file type.
Click on the “Options” button and select “RAW” as the header and whichever “Encoding” it is that you require.

Ok. Thanks steve

I got it.

Here are some Manual pages that may help: .