How to Scroll the Timeline / Viewport using the KEYBOARD?

How do I move the timeline / viewport scrollbar using the keyboard only – NOT the mouse? I want to be able to scroll the window forward a little at a time in order to show the entire portion of the waveform that I am wish to edit, WITHOUT moving the cursor. When I hold the mouse over the Right or Left scroll buttons, there is no hover help indicating a keyboard shortcut. I would be happy to write a macro to do this, but I cannot find any mention of this functionality in any of the menus. PageUp/PageDown move the window, but they go too far. How do I scroll the window without using the mouse?

The problem with using the mouse is that it requires very precise positioning (on the scroll button), and that is both time consuming and VERY bad for repetitive stress injury.

I’m on Audacity 2.4.2 on Ubuntu 16.04, compiled from source code (because I could not find reliable pre-compiled binary).

I use the mouse wheel.
Ctrl + Mouse wheel for zooming in and out. Note that the zoom level changes the scroll rate for…
Shift + Mouse wheel to scroll.

Much of the time I don’t actually scroll, I just zoom out, then zoom in on the point of interest.

When making a selection, you can adjust the ends of the selection with:
Shift + Right cursor key = Move right edge to the right
Ctrl + Shift + Right cursor key = Move left edge to the right
Shift + Left cursor key = Move left edge to the left
Ctrl + Shift + Left cursor key = Move right edge to the left

When extending the selection with “Shift + Cursor key”, when you get to the edge of the screen, the screen scrolls automatically to keep the edge in view.

Audacity has a LOT of options for selecting and navigating. It’s worth trying them to see which suit your way of working best: