how to save as a mp3 file

how do I save my audacity files as an mp3 file?

You noticed that File > Export does not have provision for producing an MP3 sound file. Audacity can read them, but you can’t make new ones. You should install the Lame software to your Audacity and MP3 Export will start working.

You should know that every time you make a new MP3, sound compression damage goes up. It’s controllable if you’re editing your own musical performance, but it goes up way faster if you’re editing an MP3 file. You get two compression hits. It’s twice as ratty as you think it’s going to be.

Save work for archive or other editing as WAV or FLAC. Use MP3 only for internet posting or personal music player.


thank you very much! worked out!


What do you do when you export the file but it does not show up as an mp3 player? I have this problem and I have downloaded Lame.

Please explain in detail what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to embed an MP3 file in a web page so that someone visiting that page can click a button to play the file?

Or can you not see the MP3 file in Windows Explorer? If that is the problem, try not adding dots (periods) into the file name. If you want to export then you must type exactly that as the file name (that is, add “.mp3” (without quotes) to the end of the file name when you export it from Audacity). See this link Audacity Manual .


I realized that my problem was a period in the file that I was trying to export. Funny, because I noticed that it was the difference between the two files that were giving me a hard time and the other files that I successfully exported.