How to save an arbitrary waveform?

I have installed the Nyquist plugin “Arbitrary waveform generator”. I am able to import an arbitrary waveform data and visualize and play it.
I need to know how to save it permanently into Audacity for any further use, exactly like the inbuilt sine, sawtooth etc waveforms. I want to use this new waveform to generate a signal of specific frequency.
Thanks in advance.

This one?

That’s true. This is the one I have installed. I now need to save my own custom waveform permanently into audacity.

The waveform may be saved in the same way as any other audio: Just export it as a WAV file.

If you want to save the “waveform definition” (the “List of waveform points”), just copy the text into any text editor or word processor and save it, so that you can copy / paste it back into the plug-in when needed.

Unfortunately, Nyquist plug-ins are not able to save user presets like built-in effects.

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