how to save a mp3 mixed file within traks to skip one another

hello everibody
i had mixed up several songs…but when i’m listening the mp3 file it’s impossible to skip forward…because the trak is only one…
can you tell me how to mantain the continuity of the record while having the ability to skip forward to a point on the trak …

The only way I know to do this is to export multiple MP3 files, one for each song. If your MP3 player support “gapless playback” the songs will continuously, but you will also be able to skip to the next song.
– Bill

That’s not a standard feature of MP3 and even if you can find software that writes “chapter” information most player software doesn’t support it.

It’s standard on “shiny discs” (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray) but I think the only “computer formats” that support it are MKV and MKA, and maybe some audiobook formats. You should be able to put an MP3 in an MKA “container” as long as your player software supports MKA. (I’ve never used MKV/MKA).

Normally, you just “tag” the files as an album or make a playlist to play a group of MP3s in a particular sequence.

I have some full-concert MP3s and I “compromise” by making a little text file with the starting-time of each track. Plus, I make separate tracks for each song with the applause/crowd noise faded in-and-out.

If you download an MP3 or AAC album from Amazon or iTunes you get a separate file for each track, and that’s true even with “live” recordings with no silence between tracks. You can configure your player software to play the tracks in the correct order.

But, that doesn’t work very well if the songs are cross-faded because sometimes you might want to play a track separately. Many player applications can crossfade so you don’t have to make a crossfaded file, but you don’t always get a “good” crossfade and “smart” crossfading is rare. (There is a smart crossfade for Winamp but I get audio-glitches.)