How to rid of the popping noise between audacity clips?

normalizing/dc offset hasn’t worked,
i’ve tried normalizing both before and after cutting up the clips, zero crossings hasn’t worked, and cross fading would be a good option but it makes the clips shorter and i need them to be perfectly timed
crossfading the clips in different tracks isn’t exactly possible, if i attempt to different notes within the song will overlap that i don’t want to overlap.
i’m using audacity 3.4.2


i’m willing to do all the cutting again if that’s what it takes. i’m curious if a plugin has been created for this issue yet, since you’d think it’d be a pretty common one

I don’t know what’s causing it but sometimes a short (or long) fade is the only solution.

Can you cut/trim the clips a little longer than needed?

You won’t notice a few milliseconds. :wink: With many instruments It’s normal for one note to sustain/fade when the next note is started. Or in a music hall, the reverb will sustain a note and there is overlap. Musicians in a band aren’t all-together to the exact-millisecond either.

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You need a de-clicker plugin …
izotope RX10 de-click

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sorry, accidentally marked and unmarked it, but woo!! thank you so much for introducing me to declickers, this worked just now and will work for other projects of mine hopefully!!

i did not use the declicker that you imaged since it was not a free option but was able to find one that i could install with nyquist, the ones by paul_l more specifically. if it were not for you i wouldn’t even know that declicker plugins existed, thank you so much!

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