How to reverse channels

An acquaintance recently digitized a large amount of cassette tapes of music for archiving and mistakenly reversed his input leads. Being that these are the only known recordings, we feel it is important to have the left and right channels match the original recordings. I searched but did not find any advise on how to do this. I apologize if this is covered elsewhere and I am just an idiot for not seeing how to do it. We have many, many hours to convert and any advise would be greatly appreciated.

See Example #1 on this page:

If you have a lot of these to do you could wait for Audacity 2.0.6 which is due in a month or so. It will have a “Swap Stereo Channels” menu item in the Track Drop Down Menu.

– bill

Thank you for the information. I will wait for 2.0.6 to be released. Great timing for that feature to be added.