How to return to the beginning of working with the file?

Is there a “hotkey”, that seems to return to the beginning of working with the file, that is, as if it had just been imported, no action has been performed yet? That is, the analogy of the “back” key, but more, than on one step, generally to the very beginning.

Have you tried holding CTRL and then press Z at the same time? that would undo edits you made as long as said edits were made in that session. so, for instance, if you added reverb to a track, saved, and then closed and tried to undo it, it wouldn’t undo the changes since it wrote the changes to the project files. Hope this helps.

No, Ctrl+Z, as far as I understand, is simply “Back”, only on one step. Undo the previous action. And I need at all, as in the very beginning, however many actions I have performed.

You can press it as many times as you need, as far as I know. It, as far as I can tell, caches the entire history and lets you go all the way back to the original state of the file.

That’s correct, but if there are a lot of steps in the Undo History, it is quicker to open the History window and scroll up to the top of the list.

I need one button. Many times - I myself knew. But, now, it seems, everything is clear. Thank you! Yes, and a site error. Question mark (?), where the title of the topic, in the responses is not so reflected (&). I was wrong at first, another keyboard layout, but then I’ve edited the title of the topic.

as if it had just been imported

Did you keep a clean copy of the work separate from your editing? It’s a common New User problem to import the only clean copy of the work and then write corrections to it during editing. If Anything Goes Wrong, that’s the end of the show. Audacity could lose the current edit and the only copy of the show file you have isn’t clean. You can’t start over.

We can’t take effects, filters or corrections out of a show and we can’t split a mixed show into individual performers, instruments and sounds. Once you mix everything together, it’s final.


Thank you, but I’ve already received the answer, no reasons for worry.