How to retrieve .aup data

I cannot find .aup file from a session, BUT HAVE found the numerous .au files…can i reassemble them as the .aup file…Please help

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I strongly suggest finding the AUP file. Open Audacity and look in File > Open Recent, or search your computer for that file.

If you don’t have the AUP, you are faced with sorting and renaming the AU files then recovering them with the Audacity 1.2 Recovery Utility. The audio will only be recovered completely correctly with a mono recording that you never edited. Otherwise, some pieces of audio may appear in the wrong order. See here for what you need to do: .



I do a radio show. These particular files are an interview with a comedian…HOWEVER…it was recorded in stereo…I think you said it makes a difference in “order”. It was one of the best guests i’ve had on my show and don’t want to lose it…I get around on a computer pretty good, but, quite frankly, this is scaring me to death. I would be inclined to hire someone to recover this…Could you please be that person. Pretty please!?


As I said, please find the AUP file. You won’t get a proper recovery otherwise.

All you need to do is open Finder, click in the box with a magnifying glass and type “aup” (without quotes). Press the little “+” buttons in Finder to look at the search options.

If you really cannot find the AUP, please use the link I gave you before: . Automator can do the sorting and renaming for you ( ).


The name of the _data folder should be the name of the .aup file. If MyMusic_data is the name of the folder, then MyMusic.aup should be the name of the file. AUP is the project manager. It’s the only one that knows how to reassemble all those little AU files.

Did you put dates or punctuation marks in the name? That can cause serious problems.